Các tư thế Yoga cho người mới bắt đầu (Phần 5)

Các tư thế Yoga cho người mới bắt đầu được hướng dẫn chính xác, chuẩn chỉ nhất được Queen Yoga tổng hợp từ trang web Yoga.com. Hãy cùng tập luyện theo mức độ phù hợp với bản thân nhé anh chị. Mỗi phần bao gồm 10 tư thế.

#41. Tư thế Yoga – Rotation pose, legs to the left

Hình ảnh:

Lie on your back, bend your legs and put your feet together on the floor. As you exhale, lower both legs to the left and rotate your head to the right. Relax.

#42. Tư thế Yoga – Easy camel pose with palms against back

Hình ảnh:

Stand up on your knees. Keep your legs at your hips’ width. Press your palms against your waist. Arch backwards. Let your head hang back a little. Open your chest. Draw your elbows and shoulder blades towards each other.

#43. Tư thế Yoga – Locust pose

Hình ảnh:

Lie on your stomach. Press your chin against the mat. Keep your hands in fists with your thumbs inside. Put your straight arms under your thighs. Making an effort with your back muscles and supporting with your fists from below, raise both your legs up. Keep this position without holding your breath.

#44. Tư thế Yoga – Tree pose, hands in Namaste extended forward, left support

hình ảnh:

Stand up straight. Put your right foot firmly on the floor. Bend your left knee and put your left foot on the inner side of your thigh, helping with your hand, closer to your groin. Achieve balance. Raise your hands, join them in Namaste and lower them to the chest level. Stretch your hands forward parallel to the floor. Look straight.

#45. Tư thế Yoga – Right-leg wind-freeing pose

Hình ảnh:
Lie on your back. Bend your right knee and, helping with your hands, draw your thigh towards your stomach as you exhale.

#46. Tư thế Yoga – Table pose

Hình ảnh:

Stand on all fours. Put your hands and knees at your hips’ width.

#47. Tư thế Yoga – Half side plank pose on right hand

Hình ảnh:

Take the plank pose. Lower your right knee on the mat. Move your weight onto the right hand. Rotate your torso, lifting your left hand up from the floor.

#48. Tư thế Yoga – Wide-legged forward bend with hands on hips

Hình ảnh:

Stand with your feet leg-length apart, your hands on your hips. Bend forward as far as you can.

#49. Tư thế Yoga – Easy boat pose

Hình ảnh:

Sit straight with your legs bent and feet on the floor at your hips’ width. Press your hands against the floor behind your back. Balancing on your pelvic bones, straighten your arms in front of you parallel to the floor. Try to keep your back straight.

#50. Tư thế Yoga – One-arm advanced left bend

Hình ảnh:

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your right arm and bend your torso to the left. Look up at your right arm.

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